Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Quick Tips: Handling Grief

Today is National Grief Day, and author and speaker Janet Perez Eckles shares how she overcame grief.

Dealing with Grief
Not my Joe,” I repeated over and over again. My 19-year-old son’s tragic death shattered my world. I didn’t think my heart could stop bleeding from the sorrow. And when gloom hovered during my sleepless nights, God’s voice whispered to my soul. With gentleness, He guided me through the steps to conquer grief:
·       He said He could hear my sobs and count my tears because He promised to be close to the broken hearted. (Psalm 34:18).
·       When family and friends couldn’t provide what I needed, God’s help would be constant, reliable and ever-present. (Psalm 46:1)
·       When I longed to have those days back when my son was alive, God reminded me not to look at yesterday, but to gaze ahead because He was making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland of my pain.(Isaiah 43:18)
·       When I was too weak to keep going and I needed protection from my own negative emotions, He promised to be my shield and strength. (Psalm 28:7)
   Sorrow then turned to gratitude for my Savior who saved me from the gloom of grief and turned it into His abundant grace instead.

Janet, originally from Bolivia, is an author, International speaker, radio host and personal success coach. She lost her sight at age 31 and suffered the loss of her youngest son who was murdered. Yet Janet's messages are filled with hope. You can connect with Janet on her website or hear some of her story HERE.

Janet has authored four books:

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Quick Tips: Sister Day

Today is Sister Day, and Author Jeanette Hanscome shares tips not only for today but every day.

Quick Tips: Sister Day

My two younger sisters and I have a bond 

that friends envy. Here are three of our 

·  Be sweet to each other. When I moved back home after my husband left, my sisters welcomed me, listened without prying, and loved my son. Three years later, when I published a book, they were my biggest fans. 
Sisters grow closer when they share difficulties and successes.

· Play together. My sister Sherry and I are visually impaired—we can’t drive or see colors; Kristy sees perfectly. Shopping together doubles as fun sister time. Kristy is our designated fashion consultant.
Plan sister time. It can be as simple as hanging out a park while the kids play, or setting up Facetime for long distance.

· Don’t overuse “family helps each other.” I am “the aunt who bakes,” but Sherry still asks before assuming I can help her daughter make a cake. We’re family, but we’re also busy grown women. 
It’s easy to take advantage of family. Know when to ask for help and when to give your sister a break. 

If you’re thinking, I don’t have a good relationship with my sister

remember that girlfriends can also be like sisters. The same secrets 


Jeanette Hanscome is an author, writing teacher, and speaker from the San Francisco Bay Area. Her newest book, Suddenly Single Mom: 52 Messages of Hope, Grace, and Promise, published by Worthy Inspired, is her first devotional for women after many years of writing for teen girls and tweens.
You can connect with Jeanette on her Facebook page.
Here are two of her books:

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