Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Quick Tips: Positive Parent-Teacher Relationships

Positive Parent-Teacher Relationships
            Although fall isn’t yet in the air, most schools have already started their new academic year. That often means meeting new teachers. Since you and the teachers are the most important factors in your child’s education, it’s important to build a positive relationship.
     Meet the teacher as soon as possible. Arrange to meet the teacher as soon as class assignments are made. Openhouse is crowded and doesn’t provide the best opportunity to talk with the teacher.
     Volunteer in the classroom.  Offer to do time consuming jobs that take the teacher away from the students. At the same time, you'll get to watch your child interact with other children and meet his friends.
     Share your talents. If you have traveled to another country, or have an interesting job or hobby, offer to share it with the class. Children like to learn about new things and are usually very welcoming. Leave lots of time for questions and stories.
     Keep in touch. Keep the teacher informed of any changes or stressful events that affect your child’s performance such as a grandparent’s visit, a new sibling or the death of a family member or pet can affect a child’s school performance.
     Building a relationship with your child’s teacher will boost your child's performance and be a valuable experience for you, the teacher, and your child.

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