Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Quick Tips: Help for Clutterbugs

If you are new to my blog, I try to post Quick Tips once a week or every other week. But the tips are from experts in the area, so it depends on how many people I find to write them. Quick Tips are short bits of information on different subjects by authors who have written books or are experts on the subject. 

These tips will be practical--the kind you might want to print a copy of, clip on your refrigerator and return to on occasion. And I hope you really do put them on your fridge or somewhere that you can refer back to them.

If the quick tips help you, please leave a comment for the author.  So far we've had these tips(click to read):
Friendships that Cross Boundaries
Today's quick tips come from Jeanette Levellie. A spunky pastor’s wife of thirty-plus years, Jeanette Levellie authors a weekly humor/inspirational column, God is Greater, a popular feature in her local newspaper since 2001. She has published stories in Guideposts anthologies, stories in Love is a Verb Devotional with Gary Chapman, articles in Christian and secular magazines, greeting card verses, and poems for calendarsShe is also a prolific speaker for both Christian and secular groups, and loves to make people laugh while sharing her love for God and life.

Quick tips:
Help for Clutterbugs
Taking care of clutter is a huge time thief. If you’re serious about de-junking your environment so you can spend more time writing, reading and playing with your family, try these three steps:
  • Enlist help from a trusted but objective friend who isn’t as attached to your collection of hair bows from elementary school or scratched Elvis records. Spend a day together de-junking everything that fits into the above three categories.
  • Give, give, give to charities, homeless shelters, and thrift stores. Just don’t give it to relatives who are likely to give it back to you, or a second-hand store you frequently shop at.
  • Reward yourself after each room, drawer, or box you’ve cleaned out. But not with more stuff! Read a chapter from a novel, look at cute kitten videos on YouTube, or watch a movie. Then revel in how much time you are freeing to engage in activities you love!

Excerpted from Shock the Clock: Time Management for Writers and Other Creatives by Jeanette Levellie

Jeanette is the mother of two grown children, three grandchildren, and servant to four cats. She lives in Paris (not the French one), IL. with her husband, Kevin. Her hobbies include dining out, talking baby talk to her cats, avoiding housework, reading, and watching old classic movies.
You can connect with Jeanette through her FACEBOOK PAGE or WEB PAGE


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