Monday, January 4, 2016

Quick Tips: Having a Personal Quiet Time with God in 2016

A new year is underway. If one of your resolutions was to spend time in the Bible this year, author Cheri Cowell has some tips for you. 

Quick Tips for Devotional Reading in 2016:

1. Take it with you: Perhaps you sit in a carpool line or you take a lunch break at work. Take your new devotional book with you so it can be a regular part of your day.
2. Start or end your day with good thoughts. Whether you are a morning person and can awaken a few minutes early for devotions or if you are a night owl and can slip into bed a few minutes early with your devotional book, make your best time of day your sweetest.
3. Don't beat yourself up. If you miss a few days and get behind, don't shelve the whole idea of devotional reading. Simply start again. No one is grading you, and even a spotty devotional life is better than none. Jesus will meet you there, no matter when you make it happen.

 Cheri is an author, speaker and sidewalk theologian.
Here are some of the books she's written:

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