Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Quick Tips: Budget-Friendly Summer Ideas

Today author and speaker Dena Dyer shares ideas for inexpensive summer activities.

Budget-Friendly Summer Fun—in Your Own “Backyard”
Financially, the summer can be tough on those of us who have children at home. How do we keep them engaged without A) allowing them to spend too much time on screens or B) blowing our budgets? Thankfully, there are ways to do both, without even leaving our own area:
Libraries and Museums
Most public libraries have free children’s, tween and teen programs during the summer. And family memberships at museums—especially science/discovery ones—easily pay for themselves because of their variety of programming.

Local, State and National Parks
Parks are great for hiking, swimming, exploring, picnicking, and fishing. Many of them even have free explorer/Junior Ranger programs.

Movie Theaters and Bowling Alleys
Thousands of local bowling alleys participate each summer in the “Kids Bowl Free” program. All you pay for is the shoes! Also, check with the closest movie theater—they may offer special kid movies at drastically reduced prices.

Colleges and Theaters
Look up your local college’s summer offerings. These institutions often schedule low-cost children’s and teens classes during breaks from school. In addition, many community theaters host dance, acting, and singing camps for talented kids. (Ask about scholarships if the camps are pricey.)

Other ideas for kids of all ages: volunteer for charity; create their own business (lemonade stand/photography/dog walking); attend local VBS programs.

Bottom line? You can create a memory-making summer for your family. It may take some research and creativity, but the results will be worth it.

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