Monday, February 8, 2016

Quick Tip: Friendships that Cross Boundaries

During African American History Month, writer and speaker Peggy Sue Wells shares some tips for friendships that cross boundaries.

Quick Tips: Friendship That Crosses Boundaries

Healthy friendships come in a surprising array of colors, sizes, shapes, and backgrounds. These companions enrich our lives.
What motivates you to be someone’s friend? Do you like yourself and others for who God created you to be? Are you drawn to people because of their greatness, potential, and the opportunity to participate together in society?
Friendships are not limited by skin color, age, nationality, or faith.          
Healthy relationships encourage us to be the best we can be. They don’t buy our excuses for staying stuck. Good friends can say no to each other and remain strong; share feelings honestly and trust each other to honor confidences. These associations are accountable, available, and give each other freedom to fail—as we all will on occasion. Healthy friendships are built on equal footing and they ask each other about progress on their goals.
Not competitive, envious, exclusive, rescuing, smothering, or testing, good friendships can be seasonal. After all, only Jesus Christ is our forever friend.

Peggy Sue Wells specializes in equipping parents to provide a nurturing environment for children. Home is Narnia in the winter and the Hundred-Acre Wood in summer, and Savannah Grey tea with dark chocolate all year long. Family, friends, floor to ceiling bookshelves, bonfires, wonder, and adventure. Poignant and winsome, the stuff of life is the stuff of story, and will make its way into Peggy Sue’s next novel, composed on her portable Mac(Beth).

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