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Monday, April 3, 2017

Quick Tips: Preparing a Child's Heart for Easter

Today author and speaker Crystal Bowman shares her tips for preparing a child's heart for Easter. Crystal is a mother, grandmother and the author of over 75 children's books, many of which have won awards.

Preparing Your Child’s Heart for Easter
When pictures of the Easter bunny decorate store windows, and Easter egg coloring kits are stacked on end caps, children know that Easter will soon be here. In our secular society, it can be challenging to help young minds understand and appreciate the true meaning of Easter. Here are a few tips for parents who desire to keep the celebration of Easter about Jesus.
· Choose one or two children’s books by Christian authors who tell the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection with kid-friendly language. Read the books at mealtime or bedtime, then talk about the story to make sure your children understand that Jesus is alive.
· In addition to sweet treats, add meaningful items to an Easter basket such as a small Bible story book, a devotional book, or stickers from a Christian bookstore.  
· Attend an Easter pageant as a family to allow children to experience the story of Easter through a dramatic presentation. 

Easter is the celebration of new life, new 

hope, and fullness of God’s love poured out 

through the blood of Jesus on the cross. So 

celebrate and share the message of Easter 

with the little ones God has placed in your 


You can learn more about Crystal and her books on her web page
You can order Crystal's books from amazon here
A complete list of her books is here. Why not add one to your child's Easter basket this year?

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