Sunday, December 11, 2016

Quick Tips: Having a More Organized Christmas

Christmas is coming, and author Lane Jordan offers some tips to make it less stressful.

Christmas is supposed to be "the happiest time of the year." However, for many women, it can become the most stress-filled time of the year. Here are some helpful tips to have a more organized Christmas:
* Review and prepare your schedule to avoid over-commitment, and plan the Christmas workload (decorating, gift buying and wrapping).
* Develop a budget that will work, and stick to it. Shopping throughout the year helps with this. Also, drawing names for gifts in large families creates less presents to buy.
* Sit down with your loved ones and create traditions and memories that they want.
As you work on these tips, remember that less is more especially during a busy season as Christmas. And realize that the more you enjoy the season, the more your family will too!

Lane P. Jordan is a best-selling author, national speaker, seminar leader, recording artist, Bible teacher, and certified life coach. 

You can order her book 12 Steps to Having a More Organized Christmas and Holiday Season HERE or at your local Christian bookstore.

You can order 12 Steps to Become a More Organized Woman
HERE or at your local Christian bookstore.

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