Friday, September 2, 2016

Fun Friday: How Many States Have You Visited?

How many states have you visited? Follow the link to create your map, then tell us in the comments how many states you've visited.

Map here

Here's mine. I didn't include states where I have only been in the airport (Alaska and California) or ones I just drove through but didn't stop to do anything or just drove through a corner of it.
 I am missing the West Coast, East Coast and New England states. Rick and I are talking about where to go for our 30th anniversary in 2018. Maybe the New England states. Or East Coast. Not sure. We will only a few days and a limited budget. We'd talked about a cruise since you get everything included in one price as far as meals and a place to sleep, but I'd like to see some of our country I haven't seen before.

I am posting this same thing on all four of my blogs.

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