Friday, June 17, 2016

Adoptive Families on Vacation

Parenting isn't always easy, especially when you have a nontraditional family. That's why it's nice to get together with a similar family. That doesn't happen often for me. We are not part of any adoptive family groups and don't know of any local ones.

But Felicia from Stare if You Must and I planned to meet up in the Smokey Mountains for a few days this year. We both have adult birth children, one adult step child each, adult adopted children, children of all shades, and a crazy age range. We are dealing with similar issues. That's what I love. When she woke up to find one of my children with his hand in her bag of chocolate bars, she didn't say, "Oh you poor thing. You didn't mean to steal that, did you?" She said, "I guess you don't need to have any smores with us tonight since those were for smores." Great answer. And she thinks nothing of it if I have a child in time out missing an activity. She probably has one right next to mine.

But we have had a lot of fun and all of the children have gotten to do the majority of the activities. Here are a few photos.

The rafting was a very bonding experience!! Felicia's son and son in law were the guides for the rafts.

Internet is in and out so I'll post more later.

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