Thursday, July 13, 2017

Who's Left?

Most of you know that we live in the Florida panhandle. None of the panhandle kids are ones that would fit well in our family. So we are looking out of county. Our limit is 5-6 hours because we have to make so many visits. Well, it turns out that many of the boys we'd chosen are in Miami or just as far down the state on the west side. Two are in Tampa and two are in Jacksonville --a little under six hours for Tampa and a little over 4 hours for Jax. Here are the two Tampa boys and the two Jacksonville boys.

Age: 15

Christian is a polite, reserved, intelligent young man. His hobbies include video games and playing basketball. His favorite subject is math and hopes to become an Architect. Christian's favorite foods are pizza and chocolate but won't turn down any food offered to him.

Age: 13
Parris is a talkative and social young man. He is physically active and enjoys yoga and tumbling. He says that he is pretty good at a back handspring. Parris's favorite color is blue and he loves to eat Mexican food. Parris also mentioned that he enjoys attending church. Parris is open to being adopted and wants to be a part of a forever family. He would do best in a family who can provide the love, support, and structure that he needs. A family that can help Parris get involved in dance, gym, and gymnastics and help him grow in those areas. Parris wants a mom and a dad and is open to siblings.

Age: 13
Tommie is an active, inquisitive kid who loves family and having fun. He's a diligent student who strives for good grades and he especially enjoys reading. Tommie likes sports of all kinds but is particularly good at football and dodgeball. He's a natural leader and would make a great coach or mentor one day. Family is important to him and he is eager to become part of one!

Age: 15
Antwan is an outgoing teen who describes himself as smart and intelligent but with a playful side. He enjoys making people happy either by making them laugh or cooking 
them a meal. He is very active and is hoping to join the track team at his school this coming year. Antwan also has a creative side which he exhibits in drama and performing R&B and gospel music. Antwan is looking for a fun and accepting family that will be there for him throughout his life. Antwan has the potential to accomplish so many great things and just needs the love and support of a committed adoptive family. He would be a joyful addition to any family!

Christian is the first one I discovered on the list. He's in a group home in Tampa. I have not made contact with his case worker. 

Tommie we are not sure about. He's young and we don't get a good feel for him from the little they say.

We fell in love with Parris' photo online, but the fact that he just turned 13, is adorable but still on the list makes us think he has issues. He is only 11 month older than the twins. We hope for the new child to be more of Jasmine's "buddy."

Antwan has become our favorite choice. He goes to church. He sings gospel music, acts and wants to run track. He sounds like a perfect match.

The problem is that he doesn't want to leave his county. 

Parris' caseworker called us today and asked us to send our home study. She can't tell me anything about him until she gets our home study, but I did tell her I have twins about a year younger and she said that wouldn't be a problem.

We have had a situation come up suddenly that we need to deal with before we decide, so please pray for that situation to be resolved.

We also have the situation with Kayla to deal with when she gets home from camp. I really feel she will work through the stealing and lying. We will be constant and supportive while that happens. Kaleb too. He just wasn't in on the last incident so does not have to go to teen court. Kayla's worker would like him to be there though so he can see what goes on. I am hoping the five weeks at mission camp will have an impact on them.

That's all our news for now.

In the next post I'll talk more about our trip, and the one Rick and Tyler are on right now.  

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